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Welcome to the Fraud Management Institute. The Institute was established in 2007 to provide support to individuals and organizations concerned with fraud and loss management throughout the world. In addition to providing specialized consulting services to help organizations enhance their fraud management capabilities, our goal is to serve as a clearing house for information that is shared within the fraud management community.

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At the Fraud Management Institute, we believe that effectively fighting fraud requires optimizing the contribution of each business function across the entire enterprise. We've developed the Fraud Management Lifecycle® to help you get the most impact from your investment in fraud management by allocating resources where the total impact on your business results will be greatest.

Our consulting team, with over 100 years collective experience in fraud management, information technology, and business productivity is available to help you apply the Fraud Management Lifecycle® to the unique needs and requirements of your organization, from developing fraud scoring models to revamping your organization, to starting a new fraud management operation from scratch.